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UrbanStems Review and Bonus UrbanStems Promo Code

Is UrbanStems worth your money? I ordered a bouquet for myself to find out! Get my real, honest review and a bonus UrbanStems promo code.

Multicolored UrbanStems review bouquet with roses

UrbanStems Review and Bonus UrbanStems Promo Code

Long ago, in the early days of internet flower delivery, I would occasionally treat myself to a bouquet of roses from my favorite online flower retailer, Organic Bouquet.  They had the most wonderful rose varieties you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Sadly, Organic Bouquet went out of business.  Since then, I’ve gotten flowers from grocery stores and local florists. 

My curiosity was piqued, however, by the multitude of options that have bloomed in recent years.   There’s 1800Flowers, of course; and Bouqs, Farmgirl Flowers, and UrbanStems, among others.

I debated between trying Farmgirl Flowers and UrbanStems first, because I liked the style of their arrangements.  Farmgirl Flowers’ bouquets had a loose, farmers’ market feel, while UrbanStems had a more contemporary look. 

UrbanStems (my referral link saves you $15) won the coin toss.  I decided to order two bouquets, one week apart, to get a fair idea of how their bouquets would turn out.

UrbanStems Shopping and Ordering Experience

Shopping was simple.  I would have liked to be able to sort products from least to most expensive, but I was able to select a preset price range, like “Up to $65” or “$66-85.”  The least expensive bouquet is around $50.

I like how the bouquet description tells you exactly what flower varieties will be in the bouquet.  They don’t list a total number of stems or flowers, however.  Some other sites, like Farmgirl Flowers, do list the exact quantity.

My recommendation is that you select a bouquet that is on the fuller side, with a little more filler.  The more minimalist bouquets look nice on the website, but can look a bit sparse in person.

Flower Shipping and Delivery

UrbanStems ship from multiple hubs around the United States.  I live in central Florida, and my flowers were shipped overnight from Miami.  They arrived the next day, but you can also select a particular date in the future for delivery.

Opening the Package

The flowers were very safely packaged.  When I removed them from the box, I noticed they were already a little wilted.  They perked up once I put them in water with the flower preservative that came with the package.  Remember, they’ve been without water throughout the transit period, so it’s no wonder they’re in need of hydration.

UrbanStems bouquet in a box

Unboxing the flowers

Flower Quality

Bouquet #1: Carnivale

The color palette of the bouquet and the particular varieties of flower included in it were pretty close to what was shown on the website.  Like all online florists, UrbanStems makes slight variations based on availability.

Colorful Urbanstems bouquet immediately after opening the box

Immediately after unboxing, not yet arranged

Carnival UrbanStems bouquet in a clear glass vase as pictured on UrbanStems website

As pictured on UrbanStems website, arranged in a vase

Overhead view of Carnivale UrbanStems flower bouquet as pictured on website

As pictured closeup on UrbanStems website

Out of the whole bouquet, there were a couple of stems past their prime, which was a little disappointing, but colors were very attractive.  The roses were fully open and fragrant.

The UrbanStems bouquet did look much better overnight after the flowers had absorbed water.

Multicolored UrbanStems review bouquet with roses

After arranging and sitting in water with flower food overnight

They remained at maximum liveliness for about three days, and after that, I removed about one drooping flower each day.  Even still, at the one week mark, I still had enough flowers hanging on to keep the vase on display.

Since some of the flowers in the Carnivale were more wilted than they should have been, I contacted customer service.  They were immediately and cheerfully helpful, offering to give me a full credit to my UrbanStems account, or to replace the bouquet with a deluxe arrangement at no extra charge.

I used my credit to order the Postponement bouquet.

Bouquet #2: The Postponement

Although I loved the colors of the Carnivale, the white-and-green Postponement took my breath away.  Lush, full, and elegant, this bouquet was a clear winner and a ringing endorsement for UrbanStems.

White and green UrbanStems bouquet in a yellow vase

The Postponement, arranged in vase, after one night spent rehydrating

Check out how closely it matches the UrbanStems website photo.

The Postponement white and green bouquet from UrbanStems

Photo from UrbanStems website

Again, as I recommended above, you’re better off choosing a bouquet with a little more filler rather than a minimalist design.

White and green rose bouquet from UrbanStems

Overall Impression

With the coupon codes for a discount and free shipping, and excellent customer service, UrbanStems is a great option for online flower delivery.  The unique floral designs available from UrbanStems are a notch above many of the more staid, traditional arrangements I’ve seen around town. 

And if anything goes wrong with your bouquet, you can rest assured that they’ll replace it without a hassle.

UrbanStems Promo Code

If you found this UrbanStems review helpful, you can save $15 on your order by using my referral link here.  Keep in mind that some UrbanStems promo codes are stackable, so if you find a free shipping code elsewhere, like on RetailMeNot, try adding it to your cart as well.  You might score a major deal!

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Thursday 15th of October 2020

The bouquet looks really nice and beautiful


Thursday 15th of October 2020

It's a great idea to order even for ourselves some flowers. It makes us feel better. Thanks for the review!


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

The pictures show some gorgeous looking bouquets. I wouldn't mind ordering myself some flowers once in a while.


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Those flowers look great. Look like you just picked them.

Gervin Khan

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Look at how gorgeous and lovely those flowers! I love it! I liked taking care of flowers!