Recipes for yeast or quick breads

Orange Biscuits for #TwelveLoaves

April 1, 2014
Orange Biscuits | Magnolia Days

Flour, fat, and liquid are the only three things needed for a batch of fluffy biscuits. Well, that is when the flour is self-rising. Scoop out flour into a bowl, cut in the fat, and bind it together with liquid. Cut or shape then bake. It’s as easy as it sounds. The problem to share […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

March 25, 2014
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Quick Bread | Magnolia Days

People can be very passionate about food. So passionate, they will seek out like-minded cohorts to celebrate their favorites. Groups form and the next thing you know a declaration is made. One such group has declared March 25 as Chocolate Peanut Butter Day. Over 30 bloggers including myself came together for an event hosted by […]

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Strawberry Almond Quick Bread for #TwelveLoaves

March 4, 2014
Strawberry Almond Quick Bread | Magnolia Days

The first hint of growth comes early in the year. Small green plants begin sending out runners. White flowers burst open and invite bees to visit. Petals fade and are replaced with tiny green berries. They grow with the help of sunshine, water, and soil. Soon those berries transform to bright red. The right conditions […]

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Buttermilk Chocolate Quick Bread for #TwelveLoaves

February 4, 2014
Buttermilk Chocolate Quick Bread | Magnolia Days

‘Tis the season for chocolate. Which season? All of them; winter, spring, summer, and fall. Then there are the special times on top; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. We can’t forget about the other ones too, like times of joy or stress. Just about any day can bring on a chocolate emergency. Stocking […]

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Sour Cream Drop Biscuits for #TwelveLoaves

January 1, 2014
Sour Cream Drop Biscuits | Magnolia Days

Simplicity can be a great goal. Achieving it has its own complexities. Weeding through intricate aspects to find the very basics is difficult. What to remove and what to keep? It is a dilemma faced with many as they seek balance in a complicated and busy life. Contemplating the effects of removing familiar and seemingly […]

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Lemongrass Coconut Quick Bread for #SundaySupper #GGHoliday2013

December 8, 2013
Lemongrass Coconut Quick Bread

The to-do list is getting a little crazy. An already tight schedule gets even tighter in the holiday season. Decorating, shopping, wrapping, traveling, and entertaining are all thrown into the mix. Postponing any of it is not an option. A Christmas party in February is not the same. How to get through it is to […]

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Stollen for #TwelveLoaves

December 3, 2013
Stollen | Magnolia Days

Heritage is a big part of the holiday season. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more are celebrated around the world. Different countries and families have their traditions. Special meals, desserts, and breads are made as people gather together to celebrate. Exploring the flavors of the season from all over the world is very exciting. Breads vary […]

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Golden Morning Glory Muffins

November 12, 2013
Golden Morning Glory Muffins | Magnolia Days

The lovely color of gold brightens the world around us. Countless pieces of jewelry are made with the precious metal. Hair is colored in its various hues. Walls are painted with it to give a comforting glow to a room. A setting sun is nature’s brilliant display of the color. It also appears in food […]

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Spiced Buns for #TwelveLoaves

November 1, 2013
Spiced Buns | Magnolia Days

The smell of yeast filled the air. It was released when a warm liquid awakened it after a long, dry rest. The aroma was enhanced with an earthy note. Spices mixed in and intertwined with newly forming dough. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom gave warmth to an ordinary bread. The heat of the oven gave […]

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Sweet Potato Quick Bread for #TwelveLoaves

October 1, 2013
Sweet Potato Quick Bread | Magnolia Days

Root vegetables are nature’s hidden treasures. They hide beneath the surface and sustain life to the plants above. Their job is that of most all roots; to pull, process, and store water and nutrients from the ground. While we get to watch other vegetables grow, we have to wait until harvest to see these roots. […]

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