Soul warming soups and stews

Recipes of soups and stews for those cold days when you could use some warmth from inside out.

Hatch Chile Shrimp Corn Chowder

August 7, 2014
Hatch Chile Shrimp Corn Chowder | Magnolia Days

The chiles arrived early one afternoon. Not just any chiles, they are Hatch green chiles. I’ve heard about them for years and yet haven’t seen them in my area. They are grown in Hatch Valley, a stretch of land by the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. I already knew what to do with the […]

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Turnip Green Soup

March 27, 2014
Turnip Green Soup | Magnolia Days

A ham bone was calling out from the freezer. It had been in there waiting to be used for flavoring a big pot of something. “Cook me now!” was a repeated whisper that turned into a scream. The only way to shut it up was to finally put it to use. Perhaps a batch of […]

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Gesundheit Chili for #SundaySupper

February 23, 2014
Gesundheit Chili | Magnolia Days

The air is filled with the scent of spice. It’s not just any spice. It is the familiar aroma of chili pepper emerging from a simmering pot. Hunger awakens as you walk near the event. You hear sounds of bubbling kettles, music, laughter, along with oh’s and ah’s of chili tasters. The cook-off is in […]

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Turkey Stew for #SundaySupper

January 5, 2014
Turkey Stew | Magnolia Days

Father Time is relentless. He keeps churning out the seconds at a steady pace. Days quickly pass no matter how much you ask him for a break. You search for a way to get more in each day. Hurry! Hurry! Scurry! Scurry! The speed can become tiresome and soon there is a necessity to slow […]

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Cheeseburger Chowder for #SundaySupper #FamilyDinnerTable

November 10, 2013
Cheeseburger Chowder | Magnolia Days

The dutch oven was perched over an open flame. Ground beef sizzled inside of it and became browned and crumbly. The cooked beef was poured into a colander to drain the fat. Veggies softened in the pan and then the beef and some potatoes joined in along with them. Water and seasonings were poured in […]

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Yellow Lentil Soup with Vegetables

May 16, 2013
Yellow Lentil Soup with Vegetables | Magnolia Days

Recently I cooked Indian food for the first time. I knew it would be the first of many dishes. What I didn’t know was how soon it would be before I made the next one. It was shortly after I made Moong Beans when an Indian cookbook arrived in the mail. How great! I looked […]

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Spicy Sweet Potato and Corn Soup for #SundaySupper

February 24, 2013
Spicy Sweet Potato Corn Soup | Magnolia Days

What could be better than hot soup on a cold winter day? Or any day for that matter. I do tend to not have it as much in the summer though. A chilly, rainy day calls for a soup simmering in a big pot on the stove. The hardest part is deciding which one to […]

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Turkey Noodle Soup for #SundaySupper

November 4, 2012
Turkey Noodle Soup

There is a chilly wind blowing. And I am having some chills too. The combination of colder weather blowing in and not feeling so good makes me want a hot and comforting meal. It has been a whirlwind of a week catching up from being out of town. I very much needed to feel better […]

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Butternut Squash Soup for #SundaySupper

October 7, 2012
Butternut Squash Soup

Winter squash is now in season. I look forward to this time each year so I can make soup. It is rare for me to make it in summer. My craving for soup and stew really kick in with the cooler weather. All it takes is a cool and rainy day and I am pulling […]

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Slow Cooker Beef Goulash

September 25, 2012
Slow Cooker Beef Goulash Served Over Noodles

The cooler fall temperatures are making me crave soups and stews. Slow simmered hearty dishes like beef goulash fit well with the season. I have made goulash before in a soup pot and wanted to cook it in a dutch oven or slow cooker. It was on my to-do list for a while. Then the […]

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