Shrimp Arnean Appetizer #RomanceDinner #SundaySupper

Shrimp Arnean

Are you looking for a special dish to make for your loved one? Or one to use when entertaining friends and family? Then you are at the right place. Shrimp Arnean is a delicious, Mediterranean inspired appetizer sure to please. I have made it for many years and always get requests for the recipe. There is something wonderful about the way the flavors infuse into the shrimp. It all comes together and makes the shrimp simply scrumptious. (Say that 3 times).

The recipe calls for 1½ to 2 pounds of shrimp. You may think that is a lot to make for two people. At least until you taste it. Then you will be happy to know there is extra to nibble on later. This is one of those midnight raid the refrigerator foods. The recipe is a good amount for a party and easy to double or triple for larger events. The majority of the preparation is done the day before so it is quick and easy on the day of your event.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. The Around The Family Table group came together to help you plan a romantic dinner for your special someone. We are featuring recipes for all the courses, including cocktails. I immediately thought of Shrimp Arnean as soon as the event was mentioned. Shrimp is romantic not only for the color but also the shape. Do you see how they form a heart when a couple of them are “cuddling” together?

Shrimp Arnean

Do you want to know more about the Romance Dinner? The team has done a fantastic job of putting together a delectable menu. Please take a few minutes to visit each one to find the luscious details and recipes:

Do you have a special occasion section in your recipe file? When do you use those recipes? Be sure to add Shrimp Arnean and the other recipes to that collection. You will be glad you did.


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