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The Call of Fall Continues

Purple Flowering Cabbage

Fall is progressing and taking a toll on summer flowers. The remaining summer annuals in my flower pots were fading quickly. It was time to change them out for winter plants. The weather was perfect for gardening this past weekend. It was nice enough to wear shorts which is sort of odd in a way. Wearing shorts and working with winter plants. Then again, it is much nicer than being bundled up out in the cold.

Black Pansy with Yellow CenterThis is the second round of fall planting. I had planted several pansies and violas when I first felt The Call of Fall a few weeks ago. One of the pansies I did not get a photo for that post is a black pansy with a small yellow center. There were no blooms then. Fortunately, they had bloomed for Halloween. Trick or treat? I will take the treat of a unique bloom which will last throughout the cold of winter and warming of spring.

Now was the time for ornamental cabbages and kales. The colors of these plants bring greens, purples, and whites into the grayness of winter. A splash of purple comes from a flowering cabbage (photo above). A nice bit of green and white with a flowering kale:

Green and White Flowering Kale

Then a mixture of textures and colors with cabbage and kale planted together:

Ornamental cabbages

Dynamite Wine Flash PansyI saw this pansy called “Dynamite® Wine Flash”. Wine colored flowers? Oh yes! I could not pass up the opportunity to mix in a little wine with gardening. I will smile each time I am sipping a glass of wine and look at these gorgeous blooms. How pretty would they be on a plate to brighten up a dish? (Yes, pansies are edible). Look out parsley, here is a garnish full of color.

The sun follows a different path during fall and winter. My deck is more shaded with sun only reaching one corner. I move my eclectic bunch of flower pots together so they can all get a bit of sun. Lexie seems to like “hiding” behind them while she hunts from the deck.

Winter plants and flowers

Speaking of sun, I captured this photo of the sun hitting my “Ryan’s Yellow” chrysanthemum. I love this mum. It looks like a daisy.

Ryan's Yellow Chrysanthemum

My flower pots are ready for the cold. I am ready to watch them grow and bloom. Grow, little plants, grow! Are you ready? What is your favorite winter plant or flower?