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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Are you looking for different Halloween costumes? Store-bought ones are okay. I have worn them a few times. Homemade Halloween costumes are really the way to go. A little creativity and a sense of humor can make for some unique ones. I wanted to share a few of the ones I have done over the years.

Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

Cereal Killer Costume

Cereal Killer costume is great for foodies. How fun for a twist on serial killers. Especially with the popularity of the show Dexter these days. You will need a t-shirt or sweatshirt, a variety pack of little cereal boxes, big safety pins to attach the boxes to the shirt and then your own imagination on ways to kill the cereals. This is what I did:

  • Overdose – Glued pills under the lid and on the outside
  • Stabbed – Stuck a plastic knife though the side
  • Torn to shreds – ripped up the box
  • Hung – Tied it with rope
  • Strangled – Wrapped it with a plastic tie
  • Ran Over – Flattened it, attached a small car, and drew skid marks
  • Impaled – Inserted nails
  • Electrocuted – Glued a battery and wires to it

The possibilities on ways to kill the cereal are endless. Interesting side note on this costume. I wore it with a cheap wig of long red hair. A few people told me I looked good in red hair. I changed my hair color to red for a few years. It was surprising to see how people react to redheads versus blonds.

Goddess Halloween Costume

Goddess Halloween Costume

Goddess costume was semi-homemade. I had to buy a super cheap costume to get the dress part. I didn’t have a white dress that would work. If you have one, then all you need is a gold curtain tieback for the belt and then make the head piece. It was made with a thin metal headband and some gold glittery things I found in the Christmas decorating section of a craft store. My handy husband is the one who put the head piece together. Oh, and you know I’m a domestic goddess so this was perfect for me.

Jackson Pollock Painting Halloween Costume

Jackson Pollock Painting Halloween Costume

The Jackson Pollock painting costume. It took about a week to make from start to finish. All I had to buy was a canvas drop cloth from a home improvement store. The paint was from all the paint sitting around in my basement and some from my neighbor. I spread out a plastic sheet first so I would not get paint on the floor. I cut the drop cloth to size and with a hole for my head. Then I drizzled layers of different colors on it using those wood paint stirrers letting each layer dry before adding the next. I think that is even one of the methods Jackson Pollock used but I’m not totally sure.

The painting costume story does not end there. I brought it upstairs and laid it out on my dining room table. I had let it dry on the floor for days. I thought it was all finished. I picked it up to wear it and found the paint had continued to cure and ruined my table. It was a disaster. Imagine ruining one of the nicest pieces of furniture in your house. My ever-so-handy husband had to refinish the top. It is beautiful now. Whew!

Want more costume ideas? How about these…

  • Identity Crisis – Get packs of those “My Name Is” name tags at the office supply store. Write a different name on each and stick them all over you. For added fun, take extra name tags and a sharpie to a party and tell people to help identify you. Those can get quite hilarious.
  • Highway – Get a black sweatshirt and paint lines for a road. Attach small cars in the lanes by sewing the wheels to the shirt.
  • Hoarder – Attach all kinds of objects all over you including pieces of trash. Carry a big bag or purse overflowing with stuff.

Halloween is a big fun time. You might as well have some funny and unique costumes. Have you ever made a creative costume? What was it? I would love to know your ideas for homemade Halloween costumes.

A very special thanks to my friend Terry for the photos that she took of my costumes at her beautiful home.

Kim Bee

Friday 26th of October 2012

Oh my gosh I love the cereal killer costume.

Tora Estep

Thursday 25th of October 2012

Fun! I love the Jackson Pollack costume especially!


Saturday 27th of October 2012

Thanks Tora! I never thought of being an artist to dress up in art specifically for an artist until that year. Making the costume is really fun. Watching the patterns of paint evolve into the finished costumes is so interesting.

Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Lol I love these! So creative!

Barbara | Creative Culinary

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012

I made all of my kids costumes and it was never about saving money as much as my just enjoying it. I've made bunnies and ballerinas, strawberries and watermelon and one year even took an old dress of mine and cut it down so my daughter was a Pilgrim (print and long; that just seemed to work with the right headgear!).

There is no doubt one of the best parts of making them was they were always unique but it didn't hurt that I had two girls and they each got used more than once!

Great ideas!


Saturday 27th of October 2012

The homemade ones really do stand out. I think they are more special than getting them at the store.

Heather @girlichef

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012

So fun...such great ideas! You were a beautiful goddess, Renee :)


Saturday 27th of October 2012

Thank you Heather! The light shining down was just right for the photo. I like the way it made the glittery head piece stand out.