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Fairview Pinotage 2010

I first tried Pinotage earlier this year. We had met some friends at a restaurant with “Shrimp” in the name. So of course all throughout that day I thought about shrimp. I could not wait to eat some good shrimp. Yum. I didn’t bother looking up the menu online or get information on the restaurant beforehand. The keyword was shrimp and that is what was on my mind.

The first order of business was to order the wine. As I looked over the list I saw a wine varietal I had never tasted before. How I managed to miss it I don’t know. I knew I had to try it. When I ordered the wine the waiter remarked the chef/owner is from South Africa and he wanted South African wine on the menu. That was music to my ears. I had been wanting to try South African cuisine for a while and to pair it with a wine from the same region was delightful news.

I enjoyed Pinotage from the very first sip. It had a good depth of flavor, was full of fruit, and a little bit earthy. It went great with my meal which, by the way, ended up being a fish special and not shrimp. Yes, I drink red wine with fish. Red wine is my personal preference. Since then I have tried a few different Pinotages.

The Fairview Pinotage 2010 is one I recently opened. The first thing I noticed is the deep red fruit flavors. The label says it has aromas of mulberries, black fruit, vanilla, and spices and has a supple mouth feel. To me it was just right from the first sip to the last. I had made beef burritos for dinner and the wine went with it wonderfully. It was a great combination. The wine also tasted good the next day. It held up well after being opened.

I would recommend this wine and will purchase it again. The price is around $15 depending on the merchant. It is a good wine to enjoy and share with friends.