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Chocolate Potato Skull Cake for #SundaySupper

September 28, 2014
Chocolate Potato Skull Cake | Magnolia Days

Halloween is simply a whole bunch of fun. Kids of all ages look forward to a special night filled with treats of all kinds. There is the treat of putting on a costume and going out looking very different than usual. I typically go for something funny or unique and make homemade Halloween costumes. There […]

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Applesauce Walnut Raisin Cake for #BundtBakers

September 18, 2014
Applesauce Walnut Raisin Cake | Magnolia Days

One leaf has to start it all. It turns from green to brown then breaks away from the tree. Soon others join in the annual drop and the ground is covered with them. It signifies the beginning of a new season. Sadly summer is ending and autumn brings its own colors to the landscape. Farmers […]

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Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Pound Cake for #BundtBakers

August 21, 2014
Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Pound Cake | Magnolia Days

Honey never goes bad or spoils. That jar of it you have in your pantry will be good for eternity. It can crystalize, ferment, and lose some of its qualities however it will still be edible. That fact has always been interesting to me. I learned it years ago when I was assigned to a […]

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Mom’s Cheesecake

July 30, 2014
Mom's Cheesecake | Magnolia Days

Cheesecakes can be tricky. This is something I know all too well after the last few days. I admit I do not bake them often. The few I’ve baked in the last few years have turned our marvelously. So I can only say I’ve learned a few things working through the disasters. But first, let’s […]

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake for #BundtBakers

July 17, 2014
Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake | Magnolia Days

The words are just not coming. It is a classic case of writer’s block. My mind is swarming with everything to come in the next week. Distractions happen in an instant. Checking email results in a stream of to-do’s. Nights are filled with dreams of that to-do list. It’s all good though. I’m not complaining, […]

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Apricot Buttermilk Coffee Cake

July 3, 2014
Apricot Buttermilk Coffee Cake | Magnolia Days

Blame it on the jam. It is what started the chain of events that led to this Apricot Buttermilk Coffee Cake. There I was perusing the items in one of the close-out stores and noticed a jar of apricot jam. It was not preserves, not jelly, but jam. I picked up the jar and looked […]

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Pineapple Pound Cake for #BundtBakers

June 19, 2014
Pineapple Pound Cake | Magnolia Days

Some things come together so nicely. You see a challenge and wonder how you will ever meet it. Then time keeps ticking along and suddenly the pieces fall into place. One opportunity sparks the chain which ends up being the resolve of the issue. Such happened with this month’s Bundt Bakers Tropical theme. I was […]

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Hot Fudge Pudding Cake for #SundaySupper

June 8, 2014
Hot Fudge Pudding Cake | Magnolia Days

They were a team in the kitchen. Watching them prepare a meal together was like watching a well-orchestrated dance. Many times music was playing in the background. They knew their steps and would exchange taking the lead as needed. Now one of the partners is gone. Memories live on through the food they prepared and […]

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Granola Cake for #BundtBakers

May 15, 2014
Granola Cake | Magnolia Days

It was a simple thing to do. Go to the store and get orange juice for the photos. The plan was laid out. It was to be a breakfast scene with juice and coffee. Then something shiny caught my attention. Well, not actually shiny. Thoughts of other upcoming posts and recipes filled my head. This […]

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German Apple Cake

May 1, 2014
German Apple Cake | Magnolia Days

Translating and converting recipes from other languages is not an easy task. Even something as simple as cake has many variables. The challenges are measurements, methods, and ingredients. I discovered this when I decided to tackle making German Apple Cake. It’s been on the to-do list for a couple of years. It got on the […]

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