Delicious Appetizer Recipes

These are recipes for great appetizers that are sure to please you and your guests

Mini Chorizo and Cheese Quiches for #SundaySupper

September 14, 2014
Mini Chorizo and Cheese Quiches | Magnolia Days

Whoever invented tailgating was one brilliant person. Or perhaps it was a group of people. Or it simply happened out of circumstance. I can’t think of a better way to combat the boredom of sitting outside a stadium waiting for a game than with food and beverages. Then the tailgating tradition crossed over from the […]

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Pimento Cheese Stuffed Peppers for #SundaySupper

August 31, 2014
Pimento Cheese Stuffed Peppers | Magnolia Days

Summer ends and kicks off party food season. There are tailgating, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s gatherings to have. Some weddings, baby showers, and birthdays could get squeezed in between them too. All those events are what brighten up fall and winter. My eyes light up when I walk into a room and see […]

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Apricot Dip for #SundaySupper

August 17, 2014
Apricot Dip | Magnolia Days

There we were standing at the bus stop. We waited and waited and finally the bus arrived. The driver asked us if we were going to the elementary school. Nope, we were excited to be going to what was then called “Junior High”. The driver said our street was no longer in the zone for […]

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Grilled Bread with Shrimp, Portuguese Aioli, and Green Olive Relish

May 29, 2014
Grilled Bread with Shrimp, Aioli, and Olive Relish | Magnolia Days

Click, click, click, click, woosh. Those are the sounds of firing up the grill. There are more than flames ignited at that moment. Memories of grilling from long ago spring into mind. Back then it was my dad who was manning the flames. He diligently watched over to make sure the steaks were perfectly done. […]

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BLT Potato Salad Stacks for #SundaySupper

May 18, 2014
BLT Potato Salad Stacks | Magnolia Days

There are always possibilities. Some seem endless with variations and the way the path twists and turns while finding the right one. Taking a familiar option is an easy choice. It is what I initially thought to do for a recent challenge. However, a vision crept into my head as I was on the edge […]

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Cuban Black Bean Hummus

April 29, 2014
Cuban Black Bean Hummus | Magnolia Days

A big container of beans was in the fridge. There were options on what do to with them other than serving them as a side for days. They could be frozen however the freezer was quite full. Throwing them out is least desirable as it would be a wasting food. Re-inventing or utilizing them in […]

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Citrus Herb Olive Tapenade

February 18, 2014
Citrus Herb Olive Tapenade | Magnolia Days

Some things are not aesthetically pleasing. Or perhaps they can be fondly called aesthetically challenged. A big patch of mud is rarely referred to as beautiful. You probably won’t find a recently dumped mound of trash in a landfill at the top of a things-to-see list. While certain foods taste incredible, they have a not-so-pretty […]

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Herb and Citrus Marinated Olives for #SundaySupper

January 19, 2014
Herb and Citrus Marinated Olives | Magnolia Days

The table had stacks of little plates in the middle. Beside them was a container filled with flatware. We knew something was different about this place. We just didn’t know what it was at first. One look at the extensive menu gave a clue to a new dining experience ahead. Everything that was offered came […]

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Blue Cheese Walnut Tarts for #SundaySupper

January 12, 2014
Blue Cheese Walnut Tarts | Magnolia Days

A tiny seed was planted not too long ago. It sprouted and reached out to touch the universe. Roots spread far and deep to hold up the fast growth. It was nurtured with love and drew attention from all parts of the world. It has brought together countless people who share a common goal of […]

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Liptauer Cheese Spread for #SundaySupper

September 8, 2013
Liptauer Cheese Spread

Cars, trucks, and campers were parked as far as the eye could see. The air was filled with a heavenly scent wafting from grills and smokers. Fans congregated around waiting for the feast. Music of all types could be heard while walking through the lots. Tailgating is one of the highlights of attending a major […]

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