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Summer Gardening Tips and Flower Photos

Helpful gardening tips for the summer season (especially for zone 8) plus photographs of pretty flowers.

Black-eyed Susan Flower

Happy Summer! The official first day was yesterday (June 20th). The heat arrived early here in the south. It has been in the 80’s for the better part of the last few months. This week temperatures will go into the 90’s. Plants and flowers do need some care to thrive in the long, hot days of the season. Hopefully you did proper spring preparation and your plants have a good start.

Summer gardening includes maintenance. Most plantings are done in spring after the last frost. What is important is to keep the plants healthy and strong. Here are some tips and to-do’s for summer:

  • Check plants for pests and disease and treat accordingly.
  • Pull or kill weeds (see article on Rubbing Out Weeds on how to apply weed killer when you cannot spray it).
  • Add mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials to conserve moisture, control temperature variations, and reduce weeds.
  • Fertilize roses with a slow-release fertilizer (10-10-10) after the first bloom.
  • Cut back garden mums to 8 inches tall between July 1st and 15th to encourage bushier growth and more blooms.
  • Monitor plants in containers daily for watering needs.
  • Raise your mower height by one notch to help your lawn withstand the dry weather. Keep your lawn mower blade sharp.
  • Deadhead flowers (remove spent blooms) and pinch back leggy foliage from annuals and perennials.
  • Trees and shrubs generally require 1 inch of water each week. If it has not rained, water accordingly.
  • Fertilize outdoor container plants. Frequent watering washes nutrients from the soil.

Want more tips? I recommend Walter Reeves and Gardenality for detailed gardening information (both for gardening in the south or zone 8 specifically).

I do enjoy pretty flowers. I have many varieties around the house. Some are in the flower beds and others in containers. Each day I go out and see what is blooming. I take a lot of photos for my Project 365. I am sharing a few I captured in recent weeks. Above is a Black-eyed Susan growing right outside my fence in my neighbor’s yard. This is a white hydrangea (Sister Theresa) that was an early bloomer:

Sister Theresa White Hydrangea

This bright pink Nicotania really stands out:

Nicotania Pink Flower

The vibrant green seedum with yellow flowers glows in a spot in my front yard:

Seedum Flower

Pretty daisies stand tall in beside my garage:

Daisy Flower

Next to the daisies are these lovely blue asters:

Aster Flower

My deck has some interest with this corkscrew rush:

Corkscrew Rush

A shady area in the front is filled with hostas:

Hosta Flower

Another one on my deck is agapanthus:

Agapanthus Flower

And throughout the sunny side of my front flower bed is ice plant:

Ice Plant Flower

Did you notice a couple of the pics had photo-bombing bugs? I guess even insects like to get their picture taken. It happens quite often.  It is crazy and funny too.

What is your favorite summer flower? Do you have it growing in your garden? If not, give it a try. Digging in the dirt can be quite fun. Happy Gardening!

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Wednesday 20th of May 2015

What a fantastic range of beautiful flowers, your garden really must be blooming this spring! I especially love the hostas, you have inspired me to plant some more now!

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes

Monday 25th of June 2012

Beautiful pictures Renee! I don´t have a garden but this pics make me wish I had!


Monday 25th of June 2012

Thank you Paula! You can still have a little garden with flower pots (containers).


Sunday 24th of June 2012

Your yard must look amazing, Renee! You've inspired me!


Sunday 24th of June 2012

Thanks Liz!


Thursday 21st of June 2012

Beautiful post! Rich colors and lovey shaped flowers. Summer is a wonderful time of year!


Friday 22nd of June 2012

Thanks Denise! I do enjoy summer and all the beauty of the season.

Chelsea @ Chelsea's Culinary Indulgence

Thursday 21st of June 2012

Lovely garden pics! I nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award in my most recent post! To accept visit


Thursday 21st of June 2012

Thanks a bunch for the Illuminating Blogger Award nomination Chelsea!