Steak and Asparagus Stir-Fry for #WeekdaySupper

September 11, 2014
Steak and Asparagus Stir-Fry | Magnolia Days

A stir-fry is the answer. The question is what to make when you have little time and need a meal in a hurry. I wish I had realized that answer years ago. I can vividly remember those days of driving across town, working long hours, and coming home hungry. There were always those old reliable […]

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Beef Stroganoff

January 14, 2014
Beef Stroganoff | Magnolia Days

Blame it on the Polar Vortex. A brutal cold swept across the nation and left many with an abundance of snow, ice, and power outages. For the most part, Georgia was spared from frozen precipitation. It still caused schools, businesses, and some government offices to close. It was also the day a switch in my […]

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Short Ribs with Pasta for #SundaySupper

December 15, 2013
Short Ribs with Pasta | Magnolia Days

The dining room is ready for the feast ahead. A Christmas tree in the corner glows and sparkles. The table is set with holiday finest. Reflections of flickering candlelight dance on the sides of glasses. Arriving family members are drawn to the kitchen with the heavenly aroma of slow-simmering meat. Soon they will gather around […]

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Roast Beef Rice Noodle Salad for #WeekdaySupper

November 28, 2013
Roast Beef Rice Noodle Salad | Magnolia Days

You look at the clock and know what time it is. It’s mid-afternoon and before you know it you will be doing something about supper. It’s been a hard day and the idea of standing over a stove is not appealing. You are simply not in the mood to cook. Dining out is not an […]

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Cheeseburger Chowder for #SundaySupper #FamilyDinnerTable

November 10, 2013
Cheeseburger Chowder | Magnolia Days

The dutch oven was perched over an open flame. Ground beef sizzled inside of it and became browned and crumbly. The cooked beef was poured into a colander to drain the fat. Veggies softened in the pan and then the beef and some potatoes joined in along with them. Water and seasonings were poured in […]

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Beef and Pork Empanadas for #SundaySupper

August 25, 2013
Beef and Pork Empanadas | Magnolia Days

It was a typical Saturday morning. Airplanes were tied down in rows on the side of the airport. An engine would crank followed by the familiar sound of a prop spinning. A few minutes later it would taxi to the runway and then head off into the sky. Watching planes take off and land was […]

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Spicy Thai Beef Salad for #SundaySupper

August 11, 2013
Spicy Thai Beef Salad | Magnolia Days

It’s interesting how a road can hold so many memories. A drive in a city nearby flooded my mind with thoughts of people, places, and events of long ago. Familiar places still existed and yet others were gone or replaced. Where I had my first job was unchanged. What was a bakery is now a […]

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Roast Beef Pasta Salad for #WeekdaySupper

June 4, 2013
Roast Beef Pasta Salad | Magnolia Days

Orecchiette had been hanging out in my pantry for far too long. The ear-shaped pasta whispered “cook me” many times. Thoughts of it tossed with sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, and rapini cascaded through my mind. The all too familiar preparation did not lead to excitement. It continued to sit in the corner. A recipe search lead […]

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Sauerbraten for #SundaySupper

May 19, 2013
Sauerbraten | Magnolia Days

A slow-simmered beef roast can be moist and tender. Marinate it beforehand and you add incredible flavor. Simmer it with the marinade and then turn that into a sauce makes it out of this world yummy. That is Sauerbraten. It is simply a German marinated beef roast with gravy. Not just any gravy – oh […]

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Beef and Onions Braised in Beer for #SundaySupper

April 14, 2013
Beef and Onions Braised in Beer | Magnolia Days

Movies and food are intertwined in so many ways. I can’t think of a movie that does not include food in some manner. Whether it is to set a scene or be the main feature, food makes an appearance. It can play a funny role like in the cafeteria scene in Animal House. Food fight!! […]

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