Renee PhotoHello! I’m Renee and Magnolia Days is about my experiences with food, wine, gardening, and things both big and small that fill my life.

I am a housewife (a.k.a. “Domestic Goddess“) and have been since 2005. My prior background is over 20 years in customer service ranging from administrative to management in the fields of food (grocery), printing, and distribution.

I was born in Georgia and have lived in the same area all my life. I have had the great pleasure of traveling since I was very young and have been to many places in the US and abroad. I speak some German and I’m still trying to learn more of the language.

I am happily married and have 3 very spoiled whippets. I’m always on the search for the next great recipe to make, delicious wine to taste, new restaurant to try, beautiful flower to plant, and nice place to visit. I also exercise and try to eat healthy.

So cheers! and I hope you enjoy what I have to share here on Magnolia Days.

Email: renee@magnoliadays.com