Greek Salad with Fresh Herb Vinaigrette

Greek Salad

Greek salad is in my top five salad list. Well, top five lettuce salads. I am not counting potato, pasta, tuna, bean, egg, farro, or any non-lettuce salad. It would be hard to rank all salads. There are too many really good ones.

The right dressing is important to a great salad. Nothing compares to homemade salad dressing. It is so easy to make, especially with a blender. Put all the ingredients except the oil in the blender and blend on high. Turn the blender on low and slowly pour in the oil. That’s it. Super easy.

The fresh herb vinaigrette makes this Greek salad so delicious. Fresh basil, parsley, thyme, and rosemary are added to a basic recipe of red wine vinaigrette. A little bit of each goes in the blender with the rest of the ingredients…

Fresh Herb Vinaigrette ingredients in a blender

Fresh Herb VinaigretteOnce it is blended it is a beautiful green dressing. You can see the little bits of herbs. The blending releases and infuses all their wonderful flavors into the vinaigrette. The dressing is also good on other salads. A big salad with vegetables right from the garden (or farmers market) would be a good one. A perfect summer salad with all those fresh veggies and herbs together.

Greek salad has many variations. Mine has chopped romaine lettuce tossed with the herb vinaigrette and topped with greek olives, tomatoes, sweet ‘n’ hot salad peppers, feta cheese, and a few Greek peppers (pepperoncini). Optional toppings are cucumbers, red onion, bell pepper, shallot, banana pepper rings, and more. Substitute or add toppings to your preference. Enjoy!



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