Caramel Apple Trifle

Caramel Cake Apple Trifle

What do you do with extra caramel cake? Make a trifle. That is what I did after the second attempt in my caramel cake quest was not so successful. The cake part was perfect but the frosting was not so much, again. The saga of the caramel frosting continues.

This time I used an old recipe from a friend of my mother in law. It seemed simple. Cook butter, sugar, and evaporated milk on low for one hour, take off heat, add vanilla, and spread on cake. I watched over it stirring to make sure it did not scorch. At one hour it was still liquid and had not thickened at all. I knew that was not right so I kept going. At 1½ hours it started to thicken a bit and turn more caramel color. After a little while longer I took it off the heat, added the vanilla, and did my best to spread it on the cake. The frosting crystalized the second it hit the cake. Spreading it was tough and there was not enough frosting to cover the two 9″ layers and the sides.

Caramel Cake 2 short of frosting

This frosting had the right flavor but the wrong texture. I looked at the cake and thought I had to do something with it. I did not want all the time and effort or the cake to go to waste. Then it came to me: Trifle, yes, I will make a good trifle. Caramel + apples = yummy. So off I went to get the supplies to make the pudding, baked apples, and whipped cream. The vanilla pudding recipe is one I got years ago from my mother-in-law. The baked apples recipe is adapted from “Baked Apple Slices” from The Apple Cookbook by Olwen Woodier. I wanted only caramel flavor so my recipe omits the spices along with a few other changes. The whipped cream recipe is a basic one that can be found just about anywhere on the internet and in cookbooks.

Trifles are fun and pretty too. They make a great dessert table centerpiece. The layers of cake, pudding, and whipped cream are luscious. This one is great for fall with the caramel apples. If you do not have caramel cake then use pound cake and caramel ice cream topping. Plan for a good amount of time to prepare including making and chilling the pudding, baking and cooling the apples, and whipping the cream.


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