Celebrating Family Heritage for #SundaySupper

International Fork representing Celebrating Family Heritage for Sunday Supper

Do you celebrate your heritage? It is something my family has done all my life. My mom is from Germany and my American dad fell in love with her and everything German. He learned the language, played the music, danced the traditional dances, and truly loved German cuisine. My parents were a part of a German club. The most special meals were those when my mom cooked family recipes or my dad grilled German-style sausages. We celebrate our heritage in every way, including around the family table.

Food, traditions, and photographs help preserve family history. Here is a photo of my opa, oma, mom, uncle, and aunt in Breslau 1940 (was Germany at the time). It is amazing this photograph still exists after what they went through during the war (WWII).

Pohl Family In Breslau 1940

I have found many people to be proud of their heritage. I can see their eyes light up when they talk about their family’s history and culture. I witnessed it in my own neighborhood when we had an International TasteFest event. Everyone was so excited and wanted to share the food representing their family roots. The conversations, tastes, and smiles were incredible. It is why I chose “Celebrating Family Heritage” to be the event I am hosting for this weekend’s Sunday Supper.

The excitement from my fellow Sunday Supper bloggers blew me away. As soon as I posted the event information in the Sunday Supper facebook group I immediately received wonderful responses. The RSVP’s started rolling in and each day the participation increased. The recipes are from all over the world. They are very special because they are a part of the personal history from each of the bloggers. I wish I could sit at every one of their family’s table and enjoy the meals and listen to their stories.

Ready to get hungry? Take a look at what is coming for this event:

Wow! I can hardly wait! Such deliciousness from all over the world. Follow the #SundaySupper hashtag on twitter for even more foodie fun. Join in and share your recipes and photos too. Follow the Sunday Supper Pinterest board to see all the mouth-watering food pics. Let us all celebrate our heritage with food, family, and friends!

International Fork image courtesy of tbgdesign.com

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  1. says

    You have done an amazing job planning this #SundaySupper event. Thank you so much! Great way to Bring Back Sunday Supper Around the Family Table! Thank you!

  2. says

    I would love to participate this Sunday, but my grandmother was not a very good cook. lol She was an artist and unfortunately the recipes I have from her are mostly jams and preserves. Same thing for my mother, she didn’t like to cook. That could be why I like to cook and so do my children.

  3. says

    wow, this sounds like it’s going to be an awesome sunday supper – what a great idea! my dad’s family is Irish + my mom’s family is Russian/Jewish, so we grew up eating an assortment of awesome food from their/our heritage. and now i’m married to a German family, so we eat lots of the food you talk about above, especially rouladen! =)

    • says

      Thank you Lane! We will miss you participating in this event. Hopefully you will have more time for cooking and such soon.

  4. says

    Oh, my gosh!!! What a great group this week! Looking forward to joining you again in mid-June! Thanks for all you do for this group, Renee…you are invaluable!

    • says

      Thanks Elizabeth! Cooking at home and Sunday Supper is very important. It brings the family together and makes memories for a lifetime.

  5. says

    What an absolutely wonderful idea! I wish i could join in, but we’re in the middle of getting our house ready to sell, and I’ll be lucky to get dinners on the table :-). I’m coming back though to check out everyone’s contributions!!!

  6. says

    Wow, totally blown away by this fantastic menu for #sunday supper Renee!!Congrats for coming-up with a great theme!Too bad I missed this one :(

  7. says

    Sunday supper was a must attend for everyone in our family when I was growing up. When I had teenagers of my own I realized how hard my parents worked to make that happen. It’s not easy. They’re some of my most favorite memories.


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