Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail

Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail

The Holiday Recipe Club and blog hop today features recipes having at least one of three flavors: wine, white chocolate, and/or marscapone. As it turns out, the fine folks at Driscoll’s Berries had sent some recipes to me to try. One of them really sparked my interest: Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail. Although I am primarily a red wine drinker, I do enjoy a nice cocktail on occasion.

This cocktail has dark fruit flavors found in red wine. Blackberry, blueberry, and black currant are all in there. The gin gives it a bit of spice. A splash of sparkling wine gives it a bit of fizz for a lovely, festive beverage. Full of anti-oxidant real fruit juices, it packs a dose of healthy into the mix. The fruit flavors really shine and blackberry lovers will enjoy it a great deal.

Cobblers are popular here in the South. I have had and made many cobblers and crisps, including a Blueberry Crisp. With the availability of blackberries now at the store, I can use the leftover topping from that recipe to make a quick blackberry crisp. Or I will use the blackberries to make this cocktail for my friends. New Year’s Eve is almost here and it would be another excuse to pop open the bubbly!

Thanks to Erin (@BigFatBaker) for inviting me to participate in the Holiday Recipe Club and blog hop again. Thanks also to Driscoll’s Berries for the recipe of this delicious cocktail. Are you a blogger and would like to participate in the next Holiday Recipe Club event? If so, click on this link → Holiday Recipe Club.

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  1. says

    Oh, I love blackberries…and this cocktail sounds delicious!!! I’d love to sip this as I eat some blackberry cobbler…wouldn’t that be heavenly???

    • says

      I’m sure it would be just fine with vodka or run instead of gin. The fruit flavors will shine through and they are the main attraction of this drink anyway.

  2. says

    Ooh Renee, this sparkling drink sounds so good! My bf loves blackberries and would definitely drink this if I made it for him. I think this will be perfect for our anniversary date coming up soon. :)


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