Quadruple Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

September 16, 2014
Quadruple Chocolate Shortbread Cookies | Magnolia Days

Chocolate can help in stressful times. It is comforting and evokes happy feelings. It is the one thing I seek out when I’m feeling sad, under pressure, stressed, or majorly concerned about something. Recent events had me in the kitchen seeking it. I looked around and the bag of candy was long gone. Other sweets […]

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

July 24, 2014
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins | Magnolia Days

Simple, comfort, home, quiet, calm, and chocolate – these are words I had most on my mind. The past months have been exciting, challenging, complex, and filled with highs and lows. There isn’t a single minute of it I would take back. I only wish there had been more minutes of the day to get […]

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No-Bake Bourbon Pecan Cookies

July 22, 2014
No-Bake Bourbon Pecan Cookies | Magnolia Days

Summer in is in full swing. The combination of heat and humidity is stifling. It’s hard to catch a breath when mowing the lawn. Cooling down after yard work takes hours even in the comfort of air conditioning. The thought of adding heat indoors by turning on the oven is unappealing. This is where the […]

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake for #BundtBakers

July 17, 2014
Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake | Magnolia Days

The words are just not coming. It is a classic case of writer’s block. My mind is swarming with everything to come in the next week. Distractions happen in an instant. Checking email results in a stream of to-do’s. Nights are filled with dreams of that to-do list. It’s all good though. I’m not complaining, […]

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Fat Man’s Pie for #SundaySupper

June 15, 2014
Fat Man's Pie aka Chocolate Delight | Magnolia Days

They were awakened by a sound in the kitchen. Dad got up to check out what was making the noise. He discovered it was from my brother making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It’s interesting because that happened when my brother was about four years old. He has made many sweets since then. These days he […]

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Chocolate Pudding

May 27, 2014
Chocolate Pudding | Magnolia Days

It was pretty loud in the pantry. Vanilla and chocolate were going at it. They seem to have a rivalry over how often one or the other gets top billing. Those two divas need attention. The good news is how they put the rivalry aside and are a great team when used together. It is […]

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Strawberry Chocolate Brownie Dessert Roll-Ups for #FWCon

May 8, 2014
Strawberry Chocolate Brownie Dessert Roll-Ups | Magnolia Days

A challenge ignited a vision of a new dessert. The vision included a visual aspect along with an interest peak and taste temptation. The goal was for it to have a sushi appearance. However the initial vision had some unexpected complications. One of the components did not perform as expected and the taste was not […]

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Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Cookies for #TalkDerbyToMe

April 24, 2014
Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Cookies | Magnolia Days

A sea of colorful hats fill the venue. Big, bold, bright, floppy ones are all around. They are adorned with flowers, feathers, ribbons, lace, veils, and more. It is a scene that happens each year as horse racing enthusiasts gather for the Kentucky Derby. The weekend is filled with food, beverages, fashion, flowers, and horses. […]

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Brownie Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for #SundaySupper

March 2, 2014
Brownie Chocolate Chip Cheesecake | Magnolia Days

Chocolate and butter are melting over a simmering pot of water. The oven is on and a pan awaits batter. Cocoa, sugar, vanilla, and flour are on the counter by the pot. Across the kitchen on another counter are cream cheese and eggs warming up from their chill in the fridge. A mixer is positioned […]

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Coconut Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 25, 2014
Coconut Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies | Magnolia Days

Ice and snow blanketed the ground. It was the second time this winter and highly unusual for Atlanta. There was no way either vehicle would make it up the steep driveway. Being housebound again caused a major bout of cabin fever. It also caused a desire to take inventory of the freezer. Finding a couple […]

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