Oreana Project Happiness Syrah

Oreana Project Happiness Syrah

Have you ever needed a smile? I have lately. This past week has been a difficult one. In the midst of dealing with painful and sad events, a friend gave me some smiles. One of those smiles came on a bottle of wine. Every one of the smiles helped brighten the days.

Oreana Project Happiness Syrah (actually pROjECt hApPine$S SYRah on the back of the bottle) has only a smiley face on the front of the bottle. It stands out and grabs your attention. Unfortunately, the Syrah on the inside does not. It has a flat, almost sour taste, and none of the typical characteristics of a Syrah. Then again, it is a bargain wine sold for about $6 at Trader Joes. Expectations cannot be too high for a wine at such a low price. I can only hope future vintages will improve. The vintage of this particular one is unknown because I could not find it printed on the bottle.

Have you been disappointed in a wine recently? If so, did you purchase it based on the label? Or other reasons? Comment below and share your wine letdown. Recommendations for a good Syrah is welcome also. Cheers!

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    bummer that the wine wasn’t as good as the label. i say, keep the bottle + use it as a bud vase. or just leave it on a counter to remind you of the great friends you have that want to send smiles your way. =) then go out + get yourself some tastier wine! =)

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